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Nieratko did a cool interview with Nico for the ESPN site.

It has always been the role of the pure, core skateboard shop to act as talent scouts for the skateboard industry at large. Back before the flood of footage provided via the internet it was the job of the shop owners to get VHS tapes of blossoming rippers into the hands of company owners. And for every amazing talent that each shop had there were very few guys that would eventually go pro. Last week marked nine years that my NJ Skateshops in New Jersey have been around and we've had some remarkably gifted skaters ride for the shop, yet only Ron Deily and Joe Tookmanian have gone pro from our store. I believe that young Nico Magalhaes, who recently just put out this gangbuster "Feelin Friendly" part, will eventually be the 3rd. I've watched him go from a pretty boy with pretty tricks to a hairy hellion with beast tricks in a very short time. I can only imagine what he'll be skating like in another couple years. How long did it take you to film this part?
Magalhaes: Something like two years probably. For a long time though I didn't know the video was actually going to happen so it was just going out to skate and film with the homies. It wasn't until the beginning of 2012 when I really started cranking out footage. Things became much more serious in the past few months with the prospects of Deluxe posting my part, House of Vans hosting a premiere and the fact that I was going to close out the video. During the filming deadline I was also working on my 20-page senior research study and passing 5 other classes so I could graduate from college -- which also was the first semester I got straight A's in. I also got hurt so there were tricks I didn't get which stressed me out. No time to travel far, except for a trip to SF during school breaks. No time to go out on weekends because of my pizza delivery job. So for the most part, every Friday that I went out to skate it was fully on.
How many tries did that last trick take you?
I'm not sure how many tries, but it was probably a good 45 minutes of charging full speed over that thing into the abyss of broken glass and garbage. That's what it was like filming most of the tricks being that it was filmed in the crustiest corners of New Jersey and New York. Luckily on the day of that kickflip it was the first spot of the day and nobody was there, so I was taking my time between tries.
How many times has your car been stolen?
Exactly 2.5 times. First time I asked the cops if it was likely I'd see her again, and he told me it was probably being chopped up in Newark as we speak. I got back from a trip a week later to find a letter saying they found it -- it was in one piece. Second time I came home from a bar a couple blocks away to my car sitting in the middle of the road, door wide open, and a pair of vice grips on my driver seat. My roommate had woken up and scared the dudes off. The third time was a doozie. I had the club on the steering wheel this time, the security system armed, and it was right in front of my house overnight. Woke up the next morning and it was completely gone. Next day at school I found a four leaf clover. Day after that I got woken up to the police calling and telling me they recovered my car. Only thing missing was a large box of skate product from Deluxe. They didn't take anything else, not even the $250 exhaust parts in the trunk. Apparently there's a tool that can bend the steering wheel club in half. They're good around here, but somehow they always seem to screw up fully stealing it. Don't live in North Jersey if you like your car because other people will like it more.
How did you get hooked up with Real, Spitfire and Thunder?
I have no idea. I gave footage to NJ Skateshop one day, and they asked if I was into Deluxe stuff. Naturally, I told him, "Hell yeah," because for as long as I can remember I would only buy Deluxe products anyways. They really do make the best skateboard stuff out. Real, Thunder and Spitfire were always peak brands to me and to be a part of that now is like any kid's dream come true. I still trip out over it.
Been on any trips with them?
One time while I was out in Oakland with my buddies, Darin Howard (Deluxe Team manager) got me in the van to head down to LA for a day and to Costa Mesa to stay in the Volcom house with Kyle Walker. That ended up being one hell of a fun week. During the few hours we were in LA, Eric Dressen hooked Darin and I up with free tats. Got my first legit tattoo that day by a legend. SHRED TIL DEATH -- thanks Eric.
When and why are you moving to San Francisco?
End of June. So I don't have to blow my brains out delivering pizza and wasting away with all the mouth breathers who infest New Jersey. It's always been the thing I was trying to do. I've been flying myself out there every year and have had the best times every time. My buddies I grew up shredding with moved out there a while ago, so I have a place to stay. Now that I'm not landlocked trying to pass classes anymore, it's time to get over there. And DELUXE is located within the city so it will be sick to skate with them. I'm excited for my next video part to be half NJ and half SF too.
Are you glad Joaquim Phoenix got fat so people stop saying you look like him?
Damn, you're out of the loop. Everyone's on this Wolverine kick now. It's all good though. I'd rather be associated with an indestructible man-wolf instead of a fat actor any day. I want to give a huge thanks to NJ Skateshop, Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Circa Footwear and Volcom for taking care of me. I wouldn't be anywhere without you all.

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