Sunday, July 29, 2012

John Gardner

Is talked about and featured in this video from Converse at Chelsea park...

"For a number of years Southern California has been the home of Converse's annual Costal Carnage Contest, but with the brand's roots in Boston, Mass. it only made sense to start having more east coast events. Last week was the first of two weekends of The City Carnage, held at Chelsea Piers Skatepark in New York City. A demo was held with the cons line up and it was the first time that the entire team had been in the same place at the same time. The results speak for themselves. It's as if Chelsea was built just for guys like Rune Glifberg and Tom Remillard to skate.
On Aug. 17 there will be a locals-only, cash for tricks, Cons contest held to cap off this summer's City Carnage. We can't help but put our money on Jersey boy John Gardner, seen wowing the crowd in video above."

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