Thursday, May 28, 2009

Potrero Park Sesh

Featuring Steve Torrado, Steve Romero, Nico Magales, Nick Immediato, and Brian Anderson

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

promos are kew

Steve Marino from 2nd Nature is making a tour video with a bunch of NY guys in it called "Black Water." It looks pretty sweet; check it out.


Monday, May 25, 2009

fishing for beer and steak

beer can do amazing things. a few of us were drinking when suddenly i had an ideah, the ideah was to go fishing! after a few more drinks people agreed that we would go fishing the next day, when i woke up i was surprised that everyone was still down. here are some photos from our journey in west patterson. enjoy

off to davys to get everyone

we were still moving, note the bombshelter/skateshop boner is buying

1 $ bagels, onlything is 150$ for a arizona.. kinda strange

breakfast was feeling good

only bait and tackle place for 30 miles

"Might as well buy my own."

enough fishing for now

davy tries to reel in a shark as john lurks

boner is just as creative outside of skating

bill with his bran knew fishing pole

and he was the only one to catch

something, although no one saw it

we might never know the truth

needs to keep cancer sticks somewhere

boner art

worn out, boner, bill and i decided to stop at a&p for some food

we thougt 2.6 pound steaks for each person was a good ideah

there was about .6 of a pound left for the birds

the next day a few of us went to tomsriver and ate dinner and chilled with marshalls mom and her fiance.

next thing i knew we were sent to get party favors

the first time i blacked out in all of history

the next morning me and bill met rozbo davy and some of there pieaces on the boardwalk

i forgot the camera so a shitty cellphone from 2000 took a photo of the game that marshall was most inlove with.
another highlight was everyone rozbo spening 20 bucks on the claw games, he did have a suitcase which could of had a xbox a blue ray player or a 42 inch tv inside, fu#k the rigged machines

all in all everyones weekend was very enjoyable

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Woop Woop

Holla back youngins.

Friday, May 22, 2009

memorable throwback

Four/Five years ago, back when we were 16 and 17, we had this spot at a burned down Volkswagen dealership called TSE. We would meet up there everyday and would usually get stuck skating there all day. We would always complain about getting stuck there, but looking back on it, I'm sure we all wish it was still around. After having it for almost 2 years, cops took notice and started kicking kids out regularly and eventually a new car dealership took its spot. TSE was our crew's Love Park or EMB; it was where we learned new tricks everyday and met many of the friends we still have today. TSE legends like The Baby were born here. Chris Cusmano and myself have most of the footage in this clip because it is so old I just kinda lost most of everyone else's. Watch us go through puberty, terrible style, and horrible clothing choices before you're very eyes. TSE rest in peace.

memorable throwback TSE rip from Bill Marshall on Vimeo.

Dillon on uTurf

Dillon with a hefty ollie. All photos: Ceglia

Name, age, sponsors?
Dillon Constantine, and I'm 17 years of age. People who help me out are NJ Skateshop, Zoo York (flow), Vans (flow), Spitfire (flow), and Boner Bolts.

Who do you usually skate with?
Weekdays with some hometown kids; on weekends rippers such as Chris Rozborski, Bill Marshall, John Cruz, Matt Eaton and everyone who lives up north. Too many kids to name, but they're all awesome.

What gets you motivated to skate every day?
A good Modest Mouse song or any Jon West part. Art Bars has both, so it's a win-win for me.

Why is Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese the staple New Jersey breakfast?
I didn't know it was until you just told me. I don't mess around with anything but bagels in the morning.

What are your usual tactics for picking up ladies while driving?
When I drive, I can't really do anything but beat the horn, but when someone else drives it gets crazy. I start off by beeping at them and yelling, "Yo, baby!" or just beep and start cheering and they usually get stoked on that. If they're not stoked, well, then they aren't for me.

Frontside nosegrind pop-out.

What's the worst thing about high school chicks?
Drama! Last night, my ex-friend's girlfriend came to my house at 11:30 yelling at me, asking me questions. Right there, you should understand that all high school girls are crazy enough to drive to your house at 11:30 at night to yell at you. It's too crazy for me, but I love them anyway.

What music gets you psyched to skate? Would you prefer late '90s R&B or early millennium boy bands?
Boy bands? Was that really a question? Everything to be honest. I get stoked a lot when certain artists get it done, like Beer Girls! Found out about them last weekend and it's on my iPod, which is getting the job done. Clap for yourselves on that one.

What's the most embarrassing song on your iPod?
Dawson's Creek theme song, but we all have our fixes in life.

What do you see yourself doing after you're done with high school?
So much more time! I don't even know. I would like to go to college for at least two years to get some type of education because 12 years of normal school really didn't do the trick for me. Make that 13 -- first grade was not a good year for me.

Frontside 5-0 on a tall hubba.

Any last words?
Why not? Thank you Chris and Steve from NJ -- I owe you my child. Seamus and Ben from Zoo, Cottle from Vans, Brad from Spitfire, and Skegs -- you're the man! Bill Marshall for letting me sleep on his floor every weekend, Davy and BJ for filming every weekend and being awesome, Rozbo for never being in a bad mood always getting me stoked, Nico for pushing me to skate, and everyone who has ever helped me even when I didn't deserve it. FEELING THE JUICE!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Throwaway three

Here is a clip of throwaway from Whoopi Pie 2...I would have put other people's extra clips, but I'm on my laptop, so this will have to suffice. Enjoy.

ShredNJ throwaway 3 from Bill Marshall on Vimeo.

Skaters in order: Bill Pierce, Chris Cusmano, Dillon Constantine, Bill Marshall

Here at Midland we care about the environment...growing tomatoes out of 40s for instance.
And eating only the healthiest meals.
You can do manly nosegrinds like Dillon after doing the Midland-thing.

fun spot

Usually if we couldn't think of any spots to go to, we'd always end up heading to this industrial park in Lodi that has a bunch of fun, mess around spots. This is some mess around footage of Bill Pierce, Chris Cusmano, and myself from that area since only a few people have actually managed to get good things there.

Lodi Mess Around Spot from Bill Marshall on Vimeo.

almost 5 years ago

So everyone left for SF this morning; leaving those not as fortunate or hurt behind. Hope you guys have fun and bring back some good stuff.
Anyway, I brought out my old external harddrive and found some old clips. This clip is almost 5 years old from back when I was 17 and my friends and I had a website called speak see remember.

almost 5 years ago from Bill Marshall on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jesus Christ Westgate

So that cover below this is so retardedly insane....anyhow another awesome find by MSB...

Hunter Street

Maybe it's because I love Anchorman that I really like this clip.


Just too fucking retarded. Anyone who's been there knows the ride up to that is basically known existent. Damn i want to see that footage.

Monday, May 18, 2009

my apologies..

..for continuously posting other skate videos aside from our own, but I'm hurt and have no footage on my laptop. This is a promo for a video called 'Frame by Frame' out of France. Thanks to MSB for the heads up.

"Frame by Frame"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

TH: Ride.


Tony Hawk's bringin it back.

We'll have to wait and see how the hell that thing works, but I'm predicting a recall due to kids kickflipping off their couch or setting up a mini trampoline. At this point, you might as well pick up your skate and go outside.

That Jersey Scum

Theres a new njscum montage on the tube. I dont know if you've seen the first one so here it is...

And version 2...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Helping Skateshops

Check out Rasa Libre's new website HERE
They are trying to help skateshops in these times so definitely check um out
Division East just ordered a bunch of new boards too should be in next week!

Rasa AM Ryan Lay is always awesome to watch too

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Street Trash

I was watching the horror/gross out film Street Trash last night, so I was looking up some stuff on it when I came across this really awesome skate video out of Arizona with the same name. The whole video is on there in separate parts.

Street Trash-Arizona skateboarding

Puddles and Rain

Pretty awesome clip if you are stuck at home on this moist day.
That is all I am saying just watch.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

our fellow friend nick ceglia helps runs this awesome site. check out marshalls interview, and dont forget about his art/photo show at de this friday off bloomfield ave.

BILL MARSHALL 2009.01.22
Comin' Up

Bill Marshall is a machine. Seriously. Take him to any spot and he'll figure out a way to skate it. Ledges, stairs, rails (although he claims he hates them), ditches -- you name it, Bill will be shredding, and probably with a smile on his face too. Plain and simple, Bill really likes riding his skateboard. Whether he's filming a trick or skating flat in his kitchen, Bill is having a good time doing it.
Name, age, hometown, sponsors?

My name is William Joseph Marshall IV, and I'm a 22 year old living in good ol' Montclair, NJ. I ride for NJ Skateshop, Foundation skateboards (flow), eS footwear (flow), Destructo trucks, Innes clothing (flow), and Boner Bolts.
How long have you been skating for?
I believe I first started skateboarding around the turn of the millenium, so almost 8 years.
What got you into skating? Looking back on it, it's kinda funny. My friend was watching the Shorty's video, Fulfill the Dream, when I came over to hang one day. From then on, I knew I wanted to skateboard. That Muska, gotta love him.

If you could only have one trick for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Three Sixty Flip, 3 flip, tre flip, tre bomb, Spread Eagle -- that one pretty much fer life.
What's it like riding for one of the best shops on the east coast? Totally sweet, brah. Endless thanks to Chris, Steve, and Troy.
What's been your favorite place you've traveled to skate?
San Francisco was the most amazing city to skate. Now don't get me wrong, I love the east coast and the skateboarding that's bred here, but SF was made for us. Even going to spots was an adventure -- hills and little bumps everywhere you look. Go there if you ever get the opportunity.

What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

I will definitely still be skateboarding if my body is still functioning the way I want it to. I'll probably settle down with my lovely lady friend, Stephanie and travel as much as possible while looking for the right place to live. Hopefully, this college thing I have going leads to a job in the film/video industry as well.

Slayerville Grand Opening 2003

Asbury Park Press states during sayreville skatepark's grand opening ceremony, "The kid fuckin' meloned it!" Age 13.
 Deet Media Spring Clip

Found this clip today, and it's prettay, prettay, prettay


Monday, May 11, 2009


I never really used to dig this guy, but after seeing this...I think I'm starting to

ax throwers

This is a video of a few of our good dudes. There's a little ax thrower in all of us.

But let us not forget an OG ax thrower

Friday, May 8, 2009


recent sillyness from Bill Marshall on Vimeo.

Getting hurt always sucks, but here is some recent sillyness and some decent stuff from the past couple weeks. Some super 8 too!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I like you know what i like. Its cool.

going through the archives.

Random shit that wasnt going towards anything, some gems in here

And an edit i made in 2005, glad i found this one. Shitty skating, but enjoy none-the-less.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dave bachinsky is a jew

ms. chris fucking davis wrote me a not saying lots of things.
the one thing that i was hyped on was this, and i quote,"Tell everyone Dave Bachinsky is jew and fuck him and his stupid blunt fakie roll in variations!"
by the looks of this bachinsky fucked up somewhere

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Saturday, May 2, 2009