Monday, May 25, 2009

fishing for beer and steak

beer can do amazing things. a few of us were drinking when suddenly i had an ideah, the ideah was to go fishing! after a few more drinks people agreed that we would go fishing the next day, when i woke up i was surprised that everyone was still down. here are some photos from our journey in west patterson. enjoy

off to davys to get everyone

we were still moving, note the bombshelter/skateshop boner is buying

1 $ bagels, onlything is 150$ for a arizona.. kinda strange

breakfast was feeling good

only bait and tackle place for 30 miles

"Might as well buy my own."

enough fishing for now

davy tries to reel in a shark as john lurks

boner is just as creative outside of skating

bill with his bran knew fishing pole

and he was the only one to catch

something, although no one saw it

we might never know the truth

needs to keep cancer sticks somewhere

boner art

worn out, boner, bill and i decided to stop at a&p for some food

we thougt 2.6 pound steaks for each person was a good ideah

there was about .6 of a pound left for the birds

the next day a few of us went to tomsriver and ate dinner and chilled with marshalls mom and her fiance.

next thing i knew we were sent to get party favors

the first time i blacked out in all of history

the next morning me and bill met rozbo davy and some of there pieaces on the boardwalk

i forgot the camera so a shitty cellphone from 2000 took a photo of the game that marshall was most inlove with.
another highlight was everyone rozbo spening 20 bucks on the claw games, he did have a suitcase which could of had a xbox a blue ray player or a 42 inch tv inside, fu#k the rigged machines

all in all everyones weekend was very enjoyable


  1. wheres that sweet ass photo of me playing guitar in the trees bitchboy. im tryin to work on my modeling portfolio.

  2. this boy cant spell

  3. dillon I get no love? didn't you cherish our time together?

  4. boy that billy really gets my heart racing.