Monday, April 13, 2009

NJ skateshop, redbull tour kentucky 08

this was only half the crew to be honest, and you can only imange our hotel must of hated us.

im not even going to tell you how much i hated this. a filmer with long hair who will not be named thought he knew some crazy foundation spot. i was the stupid one who said id be the first to hop the fence. took me over 4 hours to get all the pricks out of my socks and shoes. again, no spot was even therre, thanks buddy!!!!

the 4th member of hanson, chris with a nollie backside heelflip, straight out of the van, what a nut

dumb idea, end of story

what can i say? this man, has made some kids dreams, and im sure has wrecked some as well.
all in all hes down to fight if it comes down to it in a shitty kentucky bar

not only can webber get down on the gnar game, he also has drinking games that no one has ever heard of which took out half the crew for the last day of skating. im guessing he didnt mind with this crook

lets just say, this photo, makes the gap look small

in 9 hours he will be hung over from free beers at hooters all thanks to neratkio

almost everyone fell trying to just ollie up this
again nico shocks people ...........what a surprise

to be honest, this was one of the best trips i ever went on. whats better then skating all day, getting drunk at night, going out to find chaos, and doing it for the simple cost of... nothing.
life is good. enjoy

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