Thursday, April 23, 2009


not only is this picture show love but the man below matt eaton has
just dabbled in such a great experience.

needless to say this guy, really is the man,
i never knew why until one night when he was hitting on a girl infront of her boyfriend saying great lines like ,"So have you fucked your boyfriend yet?" or to the boy friend."yo you want to play skate?"
bOYFRIEND: i cant really skate
matt: well can you ollie?
matt:can you fakie shuv?
boyfriend: ummm yyeaahh i got that one"
matt: alrigh then dont be a faggot ill give you an skat lead
boyfriend: naaaaaaaa
matt: (mumbling) "What a fucking pussy"
this showed me that matt rips not only on a skateboard but very much maybe better which is hard off one.

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