Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Not that anyone checks this, but if for some reason you do...sorry for the quiet the past month and a half. Between work, bills, and trying to fit in time for skating/family/friends, the poor blog slipped under my radar. But fret not! I'm back to rehash more bullshit content for you!

First of all, the Beachcooler homies and myself have been skating/hanging a lot over the past month and we are going to combine our efforts into a full length video project #PIECOOLER. So, as progress goes underway on that follow people on instagram for updates:
@shrednj @caseymshaw @raysykeshelps and too many others to mention

Enjoy their first offering, Beachcooler and some Pie to tide you over...

Beach Cooler from casey shaw on Vimeo.

The Pie from ShredNJ on Vimeo.

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