Monday, January 16, 2012

Nico Shredweiser

Our good buddy Nico is back in town,
and ripping shit apart as always.
Dude reeks fun 24/7
Shit yeah hell yeah and fuck yeah
6 Reasons why everyone else sucks
They’re not Blower
They’re not American
If you don’t shred, you suck
If you don’t drink beer you suck
If you were built to consume you are a fucking blower
If you don’t wake up every morning and think about
the next thing your gonna destroy…. you fucking suck
6 Riffs to Rip Too
The Sword – The Black River
Metallica – Blitzkrieg
Pentagram –  Run My Course
Annihilation Time – Blast Off
Motorhead – Rock and Roll
The Sword –  Acheron/Unleashing the Orb
6 Places to Rip
Puerto Rico
San Francisco
9 Ways to Kill Someone
If you were stuck behind a marathon full of bikes in your car
Just blast through em and fuck all there shit up
Tie em to a grenade pin
Pour a bunch of toxic goo on someone
See what happens
Throw someone out of a plane
cause if I was the one getting killed,
that would be pretty sick
Ticking time bomb under the skin
Rectal breach with a shotgun
Jugular Tear out
I would say fucking classic slicing someone
straight up with a ninja sword
Invent the chemical to initiate Zombie Apocalypse
We’ve sucked for far too long, It is time to BLOWER

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