Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Our Buddy Austin has an awesome little interview up on the Shredweiser site.

6 of your favorite “not my houses”
1.  One night in new brunswick, some chick asked me and nico if we wanted to do some blow
so we go up to her room and then she said “alright wheres the blow”
and we said “what the fuck are you talking about”
then we proceeded to break every mirror in her home
Ended up with 10 stitches
2. The first night I met Erik and everyone;
some house party in north jersey.
an hour after i met the dude
we were peeing into cracked windows
of all the lexus’s parked out on the driveway.
after we got kicked out
We proceeded to knock off all the mirrors on the way out.
Good night.
3. Party in colts neck
at some un named chicks house
around 3 in the morning
threw all her parents pool furniture in her pool
broke out the pool lights
Then in the morning got woken up by nico
to go to back to the banks in nyc
So we took all the left over beer
then threw all of her house plants in her dish washer
turned it on and left.
She never talked to me again
4. This isnt really a house,
but one time our good friend Gary D
invited us to a junkyard party.
He told us we could break anything.
upon arrival we passed everyone at the party,
ventured into the junkyard.
Walked down some trail and came up on
a Ford Taurus parked next to a bunch of other cars.
Within 1 minute and 3o seconds the car was
comepletly destroyed and unusable.
Dafick threw a full toilet off of a
crain through the windshield.
The car was totaled, the next thing we know
the owner of the joint comes up and says
and as we were still smashing shit
he says “That car still works”
Thats it
5. This isnt a house, but one time at Monteclaire State University
we met up with Nico at his dorm.
Me and Little Mike
were not havin the dorm life.
Long story short
we found the supply basement;
a fire extinguisher went threw a TV
and an entire stack of industrial college triple pane windows
got smashed to shit.
6.  Me, Chief, Gary, and Tom
were partying at this kids house in South Jersey.
We smash his living room TV
and he thought it would be cool to
jump off the table into the TV.
He basically rock bottomed a giant razor blade.
A filet mignon was hanging out of his arm
and then we bailed.
6 of the Wierdest shit my friends asked me to draw
1. Dick Boobs by Erik Stokley
2. A shark surfing lava hanging 10, throwing up boners
with a volcano exploding boners by Dafick
3. A penguin riding a giraffe, jousting a dog on a rhino
or something…By Little Mike
4. One time Little Mike asked me to draw an elephant
on his pubic zone, so his dick would be the trunk.
5. Jay cotrell drinking tea like an englishmen while
fucking Mike Peluso in his asshole on a tee shirt
for Dafick so he can wear it all weekend at Bittercold
6. Dick Boobs again, cause thats the most fucked up
thing I have ever drawn. It should have never been made
9 of your Favorite Words
Crenshaw is fun to say
Terminator 2
Dickhead, I love Dick head
For the full experience go check it on their site...Austin Interview

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