Sunday, March 14, 2010

NC part 2

This hookah bar was next to an Ethiopian restaurant that for some reason had a line around the corner to get in.
"chomp a chicken chim cham chaloola"
Went to this awesome flea market

"Remember when we were in Africa?"

Matt got a knife that was a replica for a knife in Terminator 2
Nico got a Rambo knife and I got a butterfly knife...we are now a knife gang

NC State has sick spots

Justin Brock is a beast
This thing is referred to as a wolf ear because you can sit a football field away and speak to another person in the same structure and it sounds as if they are right next to you

Double grillin

yeah Fer...fer lyfe

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  1. You must have like 9 pictures of Dumfries and Manassas, the "wolf ear" is so awesome, DMB ROXX made me die, and thanks for the picture of the sweet sewing machine ;)