Monday, June 29, 2009

This goes out to some of you guys

Because you know its so hard to go help support a local skateshop now.
This is just as bad as ordering from Active or going to Zumiez
(click the photo to read it)


  1. fuck you pussy project pat, scumbag save the few bucks for a real skateboard fuck blanks youre a piece of shit

  2. maybe if skateshops sold a majority of their decks for less than $60 rather than just the half rack of warped or discontinued decks we could all afford it. dropping $60 for a deck just because it has the name of a company on it is just as absurd as the capitalistic takeover of chain-brand consumerism stores like zumies and active.

  3. oh sorry that they charge us 35$ for a fucking deck and shops charge 55 bucks for a board doesn't even allow us to order two boards off one sake, so know you shit before you talk shit pussy oh sorry and grip oh yeah well just give you that for free out of our pockets right?! youre dumb you know nothing youre pathetic and I know Division East and NJ skateshop always have new boards always so know youre shit before you talk it again asshole