Friday, April 29, 2011


Found a folder of skate photos I saved over the years. Probably have all been seen, but if not, here ya go...
 Bill Marshall 180 Sw Crook PH: Ceglia
 Adrian Vega Ollie PH: Ceglia
 Nico Magalhaes BS Flip PH: Hemingway
 John Cruz Pole Jam PH: Scordo
 Nico Magalhaes KF 5050 PH: Hemingway
 Bill Marshall Fs Blunt PH: Ceglia
Nico Magalhaes KF up Bs 360 down PH: Hemingway 
 Nico Magalhaes Crook PH: Hemingway
 Bill Marshall Feeble PH: Ceglia
 Bill Marshall Tailslide PH: Ceglia
 Nico Magalhaes Tuck Knee PH: Hemingway
 Bill Marshall KF PH: Ceglia
Bill Marshall BS Lip KF PH: Ceglia 
 Bill Marshall Lipslide PH: Ceglia
 Bill Marshall Noseblunt PH: Ceglia
 Bill Marshall Ollie PH: Ceglia
 Matt Eaton Ollie PH: Scordo
 Nico Magalhaes FS Blunt PH: Andy Enos
 Chris Rozborski BS Noseblunt PH: Scordo
 Bill Spice Noseblunt PH: Ceglia
 Dillon Constantine SW Heel PH: Hemingway
Nico Magalhaes Quick Ollies PH: Hemingway
 Dillon Constantine 5-0 PH: Ceglia
Dillon Constantine Fs Nosegrind Popout PH: Ceglia 
Bill Marshall Over Noseblunt PH: Ceglia
 Dillon Constantine Nollie Heel PH: Ceglia
 John Cruz Ollie PH: Scordo
Nick Immediato Ollie PH: Scordo 
Nick Immediato Wall Bash PH: Stanton

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Log File

This is filled with great stuff.

LOG FILE 1 from enjoyfilming on Vimeo.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


Gorf is apparently a word derived from these two Wisconsinites used to describe the mobile reproductive swimming pool of mucous. "No need to recoil from that particular type of mucous ladies, it is beautiful and fun regardless of its sliminess." That's exactly what this clip is about.

taken from Rattray's site